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Team of the Bad Hofgastein ski school, learning to ski from real ski professionals!

At the Bad Hofgastein ski school, you can expect a unique family experience. Our highly qualified team of passionate ski instructors is here to accompany you and create unforgettable moments on the slopes. As a family-run business, we provide personalized attention and years of experience to enhance your skiing abilities and ensure your safety.

Trust in our team and fully enjoy the winter season.
Ski School Management

Kurt Fuchs

State-certified diploma ski instructor and ski guide, Chairman of the WSV (Winter Sports Association) Bad Hofgastein, 3-time Powder 8 Vice World Champion.
Ski School Management Substitute

Lisa Fuchs
Office Department Management

Carina Pointner
Human Resources Department Management

Anna Fuchs
Children’s Department Management

Asa Runesson

Children’s Department Management

Fini Höller

Adult’s Department Management

Christian Angerer

Gasti Park Management

Florian Neumann

Snowboard Department Management

Hannes Buchner

Office Angertal

Rene Freiberger

Employee testimonials.
„I started as a part-time ski instructor during my school holidays in 2015. Now, I am already in my fourth year as a seasonal employee at the Bad Hofgastein ski school. Working on the snow brings me a lot of joy. I have turned my hobby into a profession, and at the same time, I can contribute to the winter vacations of many people and inspire them for winter sports.“
– Anna Fuchs
„Hi, I’m Fini and I have been working at the Bad Hofgastein ski school for over 20 years. The sense of community is highly valued here, and every year we welcome new, very friendly colleagues. We have a great team and excellent leadership!“
– Fini Höller
„Hello! My name is Julia, and I’ve been working at the Bad Hofgastein ski school for 6 years. I love working with our international guests, regular visitors, as well as local children. Over the past years, it’s not only our guests but also our team that has become incredibly dear to my heart. You could almost say that we’re a big family!“
– Julia Wagner – Children’s ski instructor
„Over 15 years ago, during my studies, I was given the opportunity to work flexibly. I enjoyed it so much that I still participate every winter and still enjoy it very much. Above all, it is important to me to pass on my passion for winter sports to the next generation.“
– Karin Stipschik – Children’s ski instructor
„I am fortunate to have been able to turn my passion into a profession. I’ve been working at the ski school for 24 years! It’s enjoyable for me to have the opportunity to meet so many different people and share the enthusiasm for skiing with them. Additionally, it’s wonderful to collaborate with colleagues from various nations.“
– Asa Runesson – Head of Children’s department