YOUR snowboarding COuRSe in Bad Hofgastein

The valley of snowboarding dreams

At the beginning of the year, World Cup vibes set in for a whole weekend in Bad Gastein. Why not try your hands at snowboarding or swap your two skis for then one board. No matter if beginner, freestyler, freerider or speedjunkie - in the Skischool Bad Hofgastein you'll take your first swings under the supervision of certified snowboarding instructors, honing your technique, style and confidence. The minimum age for a snowboarding course in Bad Hofgastein is eight years, with no upper limit.

Of course, learning in a group with like-minded is a lot of fun. But those who place value on individual attention have the option of taking individual practice sessions with a private instructor. From getting to know the equipment and the first attempts at sliding, to race carving or freeriding - learning with others is more fun than by yourself. Enjoy the feeling of safety in numbers while improving your style.

In addition to our unique beginners' area in the Ski Centre Angertal the ski area provides plenty of options on and off the slopes with a fun park on the Stubnerkogel as well as challenging downhill runs.

Snowboard lessons in bad hofgastein for all levels

Together and not alone!

The snowboard community in particular likes to appear in groups. So why plague yourself alone? Following a five-day snowboarding course, our snowboarders form a strong fellowship which often spends the last day of their holidays without the instructor. No matter if beginner or experienced "Parkie" – it runs in the group!

From getting to know the equipment and the first attempts at sliding, to race carving or freeriding - if you want to learn to snowboard in Gastein, doing so with others is more fun than by yourself. Enjoy the feeling of safety in numbers while improving your style.


Course times

Sunday TO Friday

10 am to 3 pm
incl. one-hour lunch break

Meeting point:
09.15 am Ski School Office Bad Hofgastein or
09.45 am Ski Centre Angertal

The weekly programme for snowboarders is always geared to the snow and weather conditions as well as course participants. The snowboard courses can be booked over the Christmas period, from February to 6th March 2021 an at Easter.

SUN & MON: Warm-up, Classification

MON: Familiarising, safety

TUE: Learning new techniques and consolidating

WED und THU: Repeating what has been learnt

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Group Classification


Novices, introduction to snowboarding and proper use of the boards

Getting used to the snowboard equipment
Learning the basic requirements - getting used to the board - getting used to the position - maintaining balance

Sliding and Schuss exercises
Getting used to sliding – dynamic balance training

Smooth movement of the board with safe sliding - forward and backward with continuous weight transfer (zigzag slide)


Frontside and Backside gliding as well as drift turns both ways

Drift turn with weight shift
Mastering the drift turn with weight shift in medium steep terrain

Drift turn upright
Rhythmic continuous drift turns in steep terrain

Tilting turn
Continuous carved turns - controlling the board along the sidecut


Drift turns on steeper slopes and scissored carve turn
Consolidating both types of turns on all pistes, doing a fakie

Drift turn deep
Rhythmic continuous drift turns in medium steep terrain, deep snow and on moguls

Tilting turn with body bend
Balancing the inside of the turn with body bend - increase edging angle with a steady pace - actively offsetting the external force

Carving upright
Continuous carved turns with an active, dynamic upward movement to release and change edge

Carving deep
Continuous carved turns with an active, dynamic downward movement to release and change edge

Leg work
Steering the board with short, dynamic carved radii oscillating below the body with pressure change - "LEG WORK" (without vertical movement)

Short turns upright - neutral riding posture
Short, rhythmic continuous drift turns with upward release in medium steep and steep terrain with short, dynamic edging in neutral riding posture

Freeriding – Technique
Learning safe riding on ungroomed slopes in back-country


Park and pipe as well as terrain are no Greek to you, perfecting the turns on the slope

Short turns middle position
Continuous short, dynamic turns from the middle position

Short turns upright
Continuous short, dynamic turns with upward release

Bumps - balancing technique
Riding through mogul pistes by learning the balancing technique (bending, stretching, turning) and situational turns adapted to the terrain.

Carving upright without snow contact
Continuous carved turns with an active, dynamic upright movement to release and edge the board without snow contact.

Jump turn
Continuous short, carved turns whereby a fast, dynamic edging at the end of the steering phase is produced.



Prices for snowboard courses 2021/2022
1 day € 89,00
2 days € 173,00
3 days € 223,00
4 & 5 days € 256,00
Each additional day following booked 3-day course € 35

NOTE:  Ski passes are not included in the course price! The current ski pass prices can be found on
All prices incl. 20% VAT. Credit and debit cards accepted. We shall not be held liable for any accidents. Refund of already paid course days only on presentation of a medical certificate. Subject to change, may contain errors.


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