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Race department

At our racing school, it’s your racing spirit which counts above all else when you first start out. By this we mean your ambition, enthusiasm, motivation and drive and the pleasure you derive from skiing sports. Our training concept is then built on these characteristics. If you can hardly wait to race down the slopes on your skis and feel the wind in your hair, then you have definitely come to the right place for ski race training in Bad Hofgastein.

We analyse your strengths and weaknesses in detail and work with you to devise suggested solutions and improvements. We will train together at the Salzburg Racing School on the slopes as well as compiling training plans to help you improve your fitness and endurance. And this is what makes the racing school so special: it’s not just about simple exercises to carry out at home before you go to bed!

We are the Race Department

Please allow us to introduce ourselves. The Race Department in the Gasteinertal Valley comprises a broad team of passionate Winter sports athletes who will provide you with enthusiastic support in all areas of your training.

We will be at your side during each and every unit, both mental and physical. Whatever the situation when you require our help or support, we are ALWAYS there for you as your contact partner!




Preparing for a good season

We prepare professionals and ambitious amateurs for a high-performance winter season. Our various training offers guarantee the right programme for every skier.

Camp Details


27.12. - 31.12.2021

03.01. - 07.01.2022

07.02. - 11.02.2022

14.02. - 18.02.2022

21.02. - 25.02.2022

28.02. - 04.03.2022

11.04. - 15.04.2022

Price: € 490


  • Slalom and giant slalom training, free skiing
  • Video analysis
  • Lunch
  • Material and ski preparation course


  • Meeting point on arrival day (Sunday) in the office of the Skischool Bad Hofgasten
  • Departure on last day of camp after training
  • Ski pass is not included in the camp price
  • You will receive the list of materials with the booking confirmation.
  • Programme subject to modification – dependent on the weather and level of training of participants.
  • Please let us know if you have any special requirements when you submit an enquiry/booking.
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Pro coachingworkshops for a high-powered winter season!

Our priority is year-round training attuned to the athlete’s performance level. Pro coaching workshops provide exactly the proper support for all those competitive athletes who already have a very busy schedule.

Independent dates for pro coaching workshops can be arranged individually according to training plan preparation or personal interest. Flexibility is the top priority here! That is to say, the workshops are held on a daily basis. There are no fixed dates on which we train on the glacier or in Gastein. A complete weekly programme also does not have to be booked during various camps. Athletes can participate in this connection according to possibility and time, because our team is on location anyway!

Schneesportschule Gastein workshops are oriented towards KIDS, PRE-FIS and FIS Development and Master athletes.




Private Coaching

Perfectly adapted to suit your requirements

One of the special services we offer at the unique Salzburg Racing School is the individual compilation of personal programmes, rather like a ‘private lesson’ during the skiing course. The ‘Private’ package has been developed for all athletes who want to take advantage of a training offer which is exclusively adapted to their own personal requirements, goals and starting level. This means that components such as body size, weight, special skiing behaviour and various mental factors can be taken into greater consideration and integrated into ski race training in Bad Hofgastein.

This special form of personal coaching enables the development of training plans devised down to the very last detail which are unique and tailored exclusively to the person in question. This form of training eliminates any pressure to be at the same level as one’s peers, thereby clearing the way for developing individual abilities in every respect. It does not matter whether or not the level requested is too high or too low; the constant stress caused by these disparities has even cost people their careers. At the Racing School, we want to combat situations such as this and operate without constraint. In this way, you can concentrate entirely on yourself and your training!

The advantages at a glance


  • Duration and effort adapted precisely to your requirements
  • Flexible time management
  • Individually tailored to you
  • Summer and winter training possible.
  • All facilities of the ski school Bad Hofgastein can be used.
  • For groups and individuals



  • You will receive the exact meeting place, the list of materials and the program with the booking confirmation.
  • Camp offer can be booked without accommodation.
  • Please let us know if you have any special requirements when you submit an enquiry/booking.
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If there are several people who are happy to receive an intensive training session together, we can also offer group sessions. The main issue for us is that everyone is comfortable. So if you prefer to undertake a ‘Private’ package with a friend or with the key colleagues from your team, this is also possible.

Team Coaching

Effective training from pros

We orient ourselves towards your requests and ideas by putting together a programme specifically for existing training groups, ski clubs or associations. A common objective will be specified in the course of preliminary talks with Race Department trainers and supervisors!

The individual support encompasses race-related emphases as well as work on coordination, stamina and mental condition. There are also additional offers such as sports medicine examinations at Alpentherme Gastein.

Whether it is one week, a few days or a joint training day, “everything is possible, the customer is king”. No matter when and where training should be held, the Race Department team is on hand with help and advice.

Let the pros guide you and you will experience professional team coaching. We give your training new impulses and perspectives!
Target group for ski race training in Bad Hofgastein: associations, ski clubs.

Everything is possible, i.e. we can organise everything, no matter when, where and how long!

Your advantages at a glance

  • Individually geared to you
  • Unique training programme
  • Detailed analysis “right down to the tips of the toes”
  • Duration and expenditure aligned exactly according to your needs
  • Extreme training progress possible in a short time
  • Bookable at any time
  • Price on request
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