The skiing stars of tomorrow have lots of fun and thrills in the children's skiing school.

Children learn easily and fast and have lots of fun in groups.If you child is not yet certain whether it wants to attend a skiing course without mum and dad, our "trial" class is the way to go. Once the little ones have taken a fancy to it, they are sure to feel at ease in care of the ski instructors specially trained to look after children.

From their first attempts in skis and the commonly known snowplough turn, children will playfully learn everything from regular turns to carving. Besides to the joy of moving, the children's safety takes top priority. That's why it's important to us to teach our young skiers not only the FIS Piste Rules but also what to do in case of accidents. Proper map reading and keeping your bearings in wind and weather also need to be learnt.

With a whole week of skiing school we must not forget that children...

  • Are no little adults
  • Are ME-focused and skittish
  • learn about 90 % from doing themselves and trying out
  • have limited concentration and endurance

And that's why when teaching children, play and movement tasks are mainly used. Through variety and motivation, but also with discipline and consistency, children's urge to move and perform can be optimally converted into unwitting learning.

Course times

Sunday - Friday

10:00 - 15:00
incl. 1 hour's lunch break

Meeting point:
Ski School Office Bad Hofgastein or
09:45 Ski Centre Angertal

The following weekly programme will be worked through, depending on snow and weather conditions and, of course, our children:

SO & MO: Warm-up, repetition, classification

TU: Expanding and fine-tuning technique

WE or TH: also technique and balance training as well as race practice

FR: Final race and recapping what was learnt throughout the week

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Gasti's group classification


from 3 years
In our Mini Club children learn to ski with a lot of fun and variety.


from 4 years
Explore the practice area together with Gasti, introduction to skiing, skidding, gliding and braking


Taking the first turns together with Gasti, using the lift, first time up to the mountain with Gasti, Snowplough steering, Consolidating what has been learnt


Gasti shows us that turns can also be taken parallel and why we use ski poles, long and short radius, parallel turns (red and blue pistes)

Gasti shows us dynamic skiing, consolidate parallel turns on any gradient


Dashing down on and next to the pistes, mogul slopes, deep snow and between the gates with Gasti – that's where Gasti feels at home, playfully consolidating what has been learnt




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